Scholarship for 2014-2015

Plas@Par is offering a one-year scholarships to international students for studying plasma physics at the Master 2 (M2) level. The scholarship period is from Sept 2014 to July 2015 and courses are given at the University Pierre et Marie Curie ( 
The enrollment will take place in the Master of Physics and Applications in the master program “Plasmas, from Space to Laboratory”.


The main objective of the school career is to offer the opportunity to the top-class students with a solid background in physics and applied math, the possibility to study the large breadth of topics offered in plasma physics. Hence the formation covers various aspects of plasmas: from astrophysical and natural plasmas to laboratory plasmas generated by lasers, from electrical devices to ion beams and cold plasmas for industrial applications etc. Job opportunities cover industrial and academic fields.


Courses are primarily taught in French, but the lecture notes and exam papers are in English. The students are required to have good writing and oral skills in French, at least level A2 as well as in English, at least level B2 (for more detail information click here). Additional classes to learn French are provided by Plas@Par (30 ~ 70 hours/year).

Period and location

The academic year extends from September 1st, 2014, to June 30th, 2015, and takes place in different locations in Paris and in it’s surrounding. Note that Plas@Par also organizes an introductory lecture in plasma physics during summer school held in France last week of August, which could be of interest for the student.

Financial conditions

Monthly scholarship of 1000 € offered from September 1st, 2014 up to July 31st, 2015. During the formation, the student has to be enrolled for a master thesis (up to 6 months) in plasma physics, which is granted with at least 450 euros/month.

Plas@Par will give 500€ for installation fees.

For information, in 2013, the registration fee to master program of UPMC was 254 euros. The cost of the annual student social insurance was 205 euros. These two, as also the travel expanses are at the charge of the candidate.


Plas@Par provides, through UPMC, rooms, which might be available at the CUIP (Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris), located in the 14th section of Paris. The part paid by the student corresponds to an average monthly cost of 400-500 €/month. State subsidy may be provided (~100 euros for CIUP).

Some information, which may facilitate your stay, may be found at


The master formation is open to students of all nationalities that fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • To hold a Bachelor degree in Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics (or a certified equivalent amount of learning in the same field, quantified as 3 years of previous studies corresponding to at least 180 credits in the European Credit - Transfer System),
  • To have achieved the first year of the Master Course either in Physics or Astronomy, corresponding to at least 60 credits in the European Credit Transfer System.
  • To have a solid knowledge in general physics, statistical mechanics, electromagnetism and electrostatic, spectroscopy.
  • A previous internship in plasma area is encouraged.
  • To have a good knowledge of English and French as attested by certificates (the certification is not required for native speakers).

Application Procedure

An application with the following documents should be sent to Plas@Par (email below):
  • Certificates and diplomas from the previous education (stamped and signed copies) including the ”baccalaureat” or equivalent qualification.
  • Transcripts of completed courses and academic grades (stamped and signed copies).
  • Proof of English and French language skills
  • A copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photograph or some other document of identification
  • Curriculum Vitae including academic studies and professional experience
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letters in French or English from one or two senior experts (with the email addresses and phone number) in your field of studies (stamped and signed copies).

The complete application should be sent to: contact.plasapar[at] before May 31st 2014.

If you have any question pleas contact: contact.plasapar[at]