CampusFrance / CEF (Center for the studies in France) is a new service proposing by the french embassy in Argentina. It allows simplification steps in order to realize your inscription in french universities. It's open to argentinean and foreigners students who want to discover France by studying there. 

The main objective of CampusFrance is to promote french higher education and to help argentinean students who want to follow their studies in France. That's why the CampusFrance / CEF team evaluates with the student the different studies possibilities, verificates the argentineans certificates and their equivalence with the french ones. The CampusFrance / CEF team analisates your french speaking level and validates if every condition is respected your studies plan.

CampusFrance / CEF offers a global applies treatment of the candidates to make easy the procedure and to allow a real time follow up of the applies process.

Every apply who objective is to realise your universities studies in France must be now treated by CampusFrance / CEF.

The main missions of CampusFrance / CEF are:

 - to help students with administrative steps. To be able to apply at different studies level in France : license, master, doctorate, french classes.

- To offer to the students the best services and advice them during their project elaboration and until their travel till France.  

 - To offer to the students a personal follow up : our professionals answer them in order to help them to choose the best studies ever. Basically the formation which correspond the best to the wishes of the student. That's the begining of every study plan to France.

- To present a file to the General French Consul of the academic plan to obtain the student visa